Mikush Sapieha has acted and painted for many years all over the world. But for the past decade he has been living on the beautiful island of Mallorca and has dedicated himself to interior design and reforming houses, which has long been a tradition and passion in his family. ¨From as long as I can remember my mother was always buying houses, doing them up and selling them....so it`s definitely in the blood, and the best training I could have had!¨ His vision has always been to have a very ´artisan` company of builders and decorators and landscape gardeners who take a project right from the beginning to the end- He works in close collaboration with his clients who mostly live busy lives abroad and therefore need someone they can rely on to provide for them the holiday home of their dreams. From actually scouting and finding the plot or ruin, getting the permissions   (supported by the best lawyers on the island), working closely with the architect on the design (not only for the house but also for the gardens) and acting as project manager, Mikush develops the whole vision down to the very last cushion and curtain tassel! ¨My passion is to always try and preserve the beauty of the classical elements while introducing interesting modern touches, not only as a designing feature but also to make the house practical for modern day living.¨

The visual and aesthetic aspect of each project is of primary importance and his reputation is now firmly established as a talented designer.



Mikush Sapieha